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Tai Soon Bar

Tai Soon Bar with 21 taps. 5 bar stools open in front of the bar which is decorated with the old medicine boxes that were previously used in the location.


  • 21 taps and a big beer fridge – local and imported craft beer
  • Located across the street from famous Jay Fai restaurant
  • Near Democracy Monument and Golden Mount Temple

Tai Soon Bar is a very cool craft beer bar that comes from an old building that used to be a Chinese medicine shop. There are 21 taps of of craft beer plus a full fridge of cans and bottles. The décor has plenty of neon that supports a vibrant red interior, on top of a large number of red Chinese lantern lights from the open space next to the wooden floorboards of the second floor.

Michelin Star Adjacent

Located across the street from Tai Soon Bar is the famous Michelin Guide street food shop: Jay Fai. The lines can be incredibly long, but the food is regarded as worth it and awesome. If showing up earlier in the day to try to avoid the evening rush, it might be a good idea to grab some local beers from a little corner shop that is run by the same guy that owns Tai Soon bar: Ken at Well Shop. It is just a block or two away from the intersection.

Address: 190 Maha Chai Road Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon. (Google Map)

Outside view of Tai Soon Bar in the evening. Red lanterns showing through the upstairs windows, and lights and decoration showing through the glass wall of the bar's first floor.

Getting there:

For public transportation, the closest MTR station is Sam Yot. BTS (Skytrain) does not have a station close to Tai Soon Bar. Using local buses are probably the best option, outside of getting a taxi.

A Craft beer bar in a building with some history

Ken, owner of Well Shop and Tai Soon Bar in Bangkok Thailand

Tai Soon Bar is located in an old building, the history of the which is given by the owner Ken. He used to live in the building that Tai Soon bar is operating out of. His story is that his grandfather came over from China, and sold traditional Chinese medicine from that very shop. Ken says that it has been about 40 or 50 years since medicine was sold from the building, but part of the décor incorporated at the bar includes the traditional medicine shop look of a large number of boxes with pull rings. Those can be seen at the bar, and above the entrance to the cooler.

As mentioned above, Ken is also the owner of the cool little bottle shop a block down the street, Well Shop. As a convenience store, Well Shop can open a little early if you need some craft beer before joining the line for Jay Fai street food, or if you get there before Tai Soon opens.

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