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Thai Craft Beer Week Invite

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There are a variety of week-long beer events across the globe. Melbourne’s Good Beer Week is in May, Oktoberfest in Germany at the end of September, and San Francisco Beer Week in February.

Now is the time for brewpubs, craft beer shops, art galleries, and music performance venues to join together to celebrate Thai Craft Beer Week.

Are you a fan of Thai Craft beer? Spread the word and get in touch with the organizers.

Get in touch:

  • Email:
  • Line ID: @thaicraftbeerweek

Events for Thai Craft Beer Week:

Bluegrass Underground

Bangkok’s Bluegrass Underground returns to the United People’s Brewery as part of the Thai Craft Beer Week. Love Bluegrass? Play Bluegrass? Get in touch with the band as they are game for doing a jam session.

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