Wells Shop, and an old part of Chinatown


  • Two beer fridges – local and imported craft beer
  • Located down the street from Tai Soon Bar and Jay Fai restaurant
  • Opens earlier than other bars

Well Shop is a fun little shop that loves craft beer west of central Bangkok, and a little northwest of Bangkok’s Chinatown. As a convenience store, its opening hours start earlier than many craft beers in the city, and makes for a great place to pick up some beer before hitting the long line for the famous Jay Fai noodle shop.

The owner of Well Shop and Tai Soon Bar, Ken, is a welcoming host and happy to point out local craft beers to try. He is happy to offer a plastic cup for your drink, and a seat for your behind. You can drink your beer there on the premises, or walk around with it, but the owner asks that you not drink beer inside the temples or the police station. As a convenience store, it also has snacks.

Address: 106, 108 Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon. (Google Map)

Signs that also point to Well Shop

Getting there:

Just like the nearby Tai Soon bar, the closest MTR station to Well Shop is Sam Yot MRT. The BTS (Skytrain) does not have a station in the area. Best to use local buses if not a private car or taxi.

The picture of signs at the corner also happen to point towards Well Shop, just a block further down.

As is noted above, Well Shop is located a block or two away from the Michelin star Jay Fai noodle restaurant. The wait for the restaurant can take a couple hours, and it is really best to be there to wait and watch the hostess call names. As Well Shop is close-by, it makes sense for beer drinkers to grab a couple beverages to enjoy while they wait and watch, and wait, and wait. After a delicious dinner seated on old wooden stools, the seats in Tai Soon Bar are comfortable and welcoming.

Personally, the long wait was worth it. The food was delicious! We tried the Drunken Noodles, and crab meat omelet. I certainly don’t feel the need to do it again soon, but a couple of beers to wait and then some draft beer at Tai Soon made for a great afternoon into the evening.

Clif, Editor

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