12 Plato Brewing

12 Plato Brewing craft beer Tap list display in Bangkok Thailand

    Glass of beer in a goblet at 12 Plato Brewing Bangkok Thailand

    Features of 12 Plato Brewing, a brewpub

    • Craft beer brewed on site
    • 21 taps: local Thai focus + European imports
    • American and Thai food available
    • Patio area and parking lot

    12 Plato opened in late 2022 in Bang Na district, southeast of central Bangkok. and the bar itself has a tap wall with as many as 21 different beers available. There are many local beers and some standard European beers available. As for the food menu, there are plenty of American style dishes on top of some local Thai dishes.

    What’s in a beer bar’s name?

    “12 Plato” is a term that refers to the brewing process, which basically means “5% ABV,” (Alcohol By Volume). Most beers are generally about 5% though it ranges.

    The bar has a sizable patio with tables for customers to enjoy their food and craft beer, especially as the bar’s walls are large glass panels that can fold open for nice nights.

    The tap wall has space for 21 taps when totally full. The tap list displays the following in order:

    • Name of the beer
    • Style of beer
    • ABV (alcohol strength)
    • Price for 330ml / Pint

    The display does NOT indicate the brewery that the beer comes from. That can be a bit confusing when looking to explore new beers with names a craft beer lover is not familiar with. When making a visit in January, it was helpful to learn more about each beer by looking up the beer on Untappd.

    Clif, Editor.

    Getting to 12 Plato Brewing

    View of 12 Plato Brewing Bangkok Thailand - craft beer brewpub in Bang Na

    12 Plato takes a bit of effort to get to from central Bangkok. If using public transportation, you can take the skytrain to Bang Na BTS station. From there, grab a can to take a 10 minute ride to the bar. It is part of the Orion Hotel and Residence. If using Grab, it might be easier to enter Orion as your destination.

    The bar is behind the Orion hotel, so you can not see it from the street. When coming down the road, look for the Orion and 12 Plato logos on a grey wall that leads to a parking lot.

    (picture from Facebook post)

    Address: 52 ซอยบางนา-ตราด32 แขวงบางนาใต้, แขวงบางนาใต้, Bang Na. (Google Map)

    hand holding a glass of beer in a goblet at 12 Plato Brewing Bangkok Thailand
    food on a wooden table at 12 Plato Brewing Bangkok Thailand

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