A rough list of some of the Thai Craft Breweries that an be found in Bangkok and beyond. The list includes some very small microbreweries and/or homebrewers selling beer.
– Due to the alcohol laws of Thailand, which are can often be considered draconian and confusing, many brewers and breweries do not post information about themselves to avoid prosecution by the local police.

While this website would like to provide more information, it does not want to provide information that the brewers themselves do not want to make public.

  • 96 Brewing
  • Baan Bangkok
  • Backyard Brewery
  • Brainfill Brewing
  • Brew Ocean
  • Brewing Project
  • Brewrapha
  • Callmepapa Brewhouse
  • Charmyai Brewing
  • Chiang Mai Brewery
  • CHOB Beer
  • Daddy Dog
  • Decsnob
  • De Ploy Brewery
  • Devanom Beer
  • Ducky Fly Brewing
  • Elephants in the Pool
  • Full Moon Brewworks
  • G G Brewing
  • Gorilla Bier
  • Haplab
  • Happy Joe Brewing
  • Haru Craft
  • High Bridge Brewing
  • Hop Hog
  • Jim’s Brew
  • Jin Wu Bai
  • Khao Yai Brewing
  • Khoy Brewing
  • Korat Rockers Brewing Group
  • Kwai Beer
  • Ladkrabang Beer
  • Look Krung Brewing Co.
  • Maalstroom Brewing
  • Mahanakhon Brewery
  • Mardi Craft Brewing
  • Max Beer
  • Million Field Brewing
  • Mongkol Brewing
  • Monkey Samui Beer
  • Muay Thai
  • NB Brauhaus
  • Outlaw Brewing
  • Papa Tods
  • People
  • PH.YA
  • Phitsanulok Brewing
  • Red Duck
  • Repentless Brewing
  • Rinn Brewing

Other Breweries, NON-craft, commonly found in Thailand:

  • TAP / Thai Asia Pacific Brewery Group – a subsidiary of Heineken.
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