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Thai Craft Beer Week Media Event

Launch at a Brewery

Group B Thai craft beer distributors held a press conference leading up to the 2023 Thai Craft Beer Week. The event was held at United People’s Brewery, and included a number of discussion panels, a live bagpipe performance, and plenty of local beers to try.

Thai Craft beer week press conference - Ms. Prapawee Hematat, Executive Director, Group B giving a talk in front of the cameras and reporters in front of the beer tanks at United People's Brewery in Bangkok Thailand

THAI CRAFT BEER WEEK 2023 is the first craft beer festival in Thailand that encourages bars and brewpubs to set up their own events all over the country to stimulate the community, economy, and Thai tourism.

Thai Craft Beer Week Press Release (edited for plurals and add the Oxford comma)

Thai Craft Beer Week Gifts

Attendees of the event were given a number of gifts, including some very fun stickers, and a cool new glass.

Unique Glass

The glass is a bit different from the usual beer pint, as it has measurements on the back side indicating:

  • 50ml – Vodka level
  • 100ml – Sharing level
  • 250ml – Half pint
  • 330ml – Perfect serve!
Back of the Thai Craft Beer Week Glass made available at the media event at United People's Brewery in Bangkok Thailand.

More info from the Press Release:

Group B Thai craft beer distributor celebrates it’s 6th year anniversary by organizing Thai Craft Beer Week 2023 and gathering producers and craft beer shops in every region throughout Thailand. will publicize activities throughout the week.

Thai Craft Beer Week will be held during Thailand’s High Season from October 20, 2023 – October 28, 2023. From large markets to local small businesses, they come together to offer products and special activities, such as in Bangkok:

  • Bangkok & Central: Gaginang, Changwon Express​, CHUBB Cafe & Bar, Rai Song Rao
  • Northern Region: Namton’s House Bar, Beer Lab Chiang Mai, One. Until Evening. x Labruen
  • Southern Region: Ban Na Roi x What Da Ale
  • Northeastern Region: Ubon Tap Taste, Baan Lung Jet
  • Eastern Region: Beertique
  • Many other bars and brewpub to come!

Group B Beer is also preparing special beers with local ingredients, including:

  • Haplab Blackjack – Imperial Stout with jackfruit and pandan,
  • Tom Zap – Sour Ale with roasted rice, ginger and lime leaf for the taste of Thai spicy soup, also
  • Sour City Beer Project – collaboration product by Sandport Brewing × Baanbangkok Brewing from Thailand, Yardley Brothers Brewing from Hongkong, and some Esan beer project with is contract brew in Heart of Darkness, Vietnam.

Check out the website and figure out what to drink next week!

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