Here are some question that are frequently asked by beer drinkers coming to Bangkok.

Q: How do I find craft beer in Bangkok?
Using the Bangkok Beer Guide, there are different options to find a place for enjoying Bangkok’s beer scene.

  • option 1 – use the Google Map to see locations across Bangkok
  • option 2 – use the list of craft beer venues (bars) under Venues.

Q: Why do some place not open, or serve beer until 5pm?

In some parts of Bangkok, due to an old law, they will not serve beer between 2pm and 5pm (14:00-17:00). Many locations have chosen to just not open until 17:00 (5pm). Other places open and serve during that time. Best practice is to check in, or check on their Facebook (maybe message them) any bar that you are planning to visit.
FYI – even the corner stores will follow strict time limits.

Q: Can I visit some breweries here in Bangkok?
Currently, many of the places in Bangkok that brew beer and have a place to visit are listed on this site as Brewpubs. Beer producers that make beer and that you can find in different stores or other bars are listed under Breweries.* Generally you can visit Brewpubs, but you can’t visit breweries, especially as many Thai beers are brewed abroad due to government regulations against small beer producers.
*May not be the best, but it is as Thai law allows, and how the site operates.

Q: Is EVERY bar in Bangkok listed?
This page is focused more on the craft beer places, so there are plenty of other bars in the city that have very cheap yellow beer and very friendly hostesses. They are not really listed on this website.
– Additionally, bars can change pretty quick, if you find one not listed, please get in touch.

Q: Why is Untappd often cited?
Untappd is used by many a beer-geek to check in and find more information on beers and locations.
– BUT ALSO! Even if you don’t have an account, you can look up a location and see what other beer drinkers have been checking in.

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