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Green Vintage – Beer and Books

  • Dec. 15, 16, 17, 2023
  • At Green Vintage (map)

Green Vintage night market is located north of the Chatuchak Market, by Ratchayothin BTS station. The market was a pretty quiet affair, and had some nice vintage stalls.


‘Watermelon Chili Ale’ that uses Carolina Reaper chili peppers from Chiang Mai. It’s got some heat!

This beer also got a mention in:
Beer & Brewing: Critic’s List: Joe Stange’s Best in 2023

“The Carolina Reaper here was subtle, just a lingering tingle for accent—but the joy was in the watermelon. It delivered toothsome aroma and flavor without being a sour, or an IPA, or a slushy; instead, it found balance with a bitterish blonde-ale base.”

Joe Stange
Pitch of Haplab showing off his watermelon chili ale at the Green Vintage market.

Mongkol Brewing

A brewery based in Mai Sai part of Bangkok. Beer displayed in the picture is the Hellbringer, an Irish red craft beer coming in at 5% abv.

It was nice that they offered half glasses so that more beers could be tried. Always nice to hit up an event and be able to purchase more small beers to try many different kinds.

Repentless Brewing

Death Cakes Imperial pastry sour. The vanilla came through the beer very nicely.

Also very nice to see smaller pours on offer.

9 Umbrellas Brewing

Another local Bangkok craft brewery.

The folk behind the taps were very kind, and served up a NE IPA.

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