About Bangkok Beer Guide

The Bangkok Beer Guide is intended to an online resource for beer lovers, especially craft beer, in and around Bangkok.

Our aims are to promote the local beer industry, especially craft, in Bangkok and beyond. The guide is meant as a resource for tourists and beer lovers that find themselves in Bangkok. We hope to offer a way for people to find new places to experience something different and unique.

Due to the alcohol laws of Thailand, some information about brewers and local breweries is not provided to avoid prosecution by the local police. For many political reasons, support for the local Thai craft beer industry is not always encouraged or welcomed by the powers that be.

This is a passion project by people that love craft beer, and have experience drinking and selling craft beer in a number of countries. Currently there is neither phone number, nor address provided, but only so we can still do our day jobs. English is our primary and native language, and so that is the language the website and social media use.

Any further issues, suggestions, or offers to help & support, please get in touch.

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