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Samata slushy party and interview

Samata beer slushy served at O'glee craft beer bar in Bangkok Thailand

Tasty and refreshing craft beer slushies

When? Friday May 5th 2023
Where? O’glee Craft Beer Bar and restaurant
What? Two Samata beers turned into slushies to break the Bangkok heat.

On a hot Friday Evening, O’glee bar hosted a Samata slushy party to offer two beer turned into slushies and served by Chote, Samata’s brewer. The drinks were delightful and refreshing, and after cooling down, there was a variety of other craft beers to choose from.

Samata slushy served by the brewer himself at O'glee in Bangkok Thailand.

An interview with Chote, Samata’s founder

Just as the bar opened, it was quiet enough to get in some questions with the man behind the brand.

When asked what his favorite kinds of beer to drink are, he replied that “has to be sour!” Previously, his favorite beer style had been IPA, at a time no one in Thailand was doing sours. Now, sours are everywhere and he loves them.

As for his favorite beer to brew through Samata, he quickly answered Chocoberry and like a proud father, was happy to show pictures on his phone of the highly decorative beer cans.

If there were a beer he wishes he could make, he said that it would be a lager. He says he just hasn’t gotten there in the brewing yet.

Challenges for Samata Brewing

Samata slushy being pored from a slushy machine by the brewer himself at O'glee in Bangkok Thailand.

Asked about the biggest challenges were, his immediate answer was “the law.”

Past that, he indicates that using fruit in the beer brewing process is also incredibly challenging. He wants to use 100% real fruit and not use any concentrates or syrups, which unfortunately relays to the cost of the beer.

Questions and complaints of local craft beer costing too much comes up all the time, and Chote tries to find ways to reduce prices, but takes a bit to figure out where it can work.

Due to local Thai alcohol laws, Samata is mostly brewed in Singapore, at the Brewlander Brewing facilities. However, Chote was recently brewed in Japan doing a collaboration with Far Yeast Brewing – arrival planned for next month in June.

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