Bootleg Brothers – so fresh, so central

Pint of IPA Thai craft beer and Bluegrass band playing behind at Bootleg Brothers Brewpub; brewed fresh in Bangkok Thailand. Located at the top of Escape in EmQuartier mall.

Bootleg Brothers Brewing Highlights:

  • Highest brewed beer in Bangkok (in all of Thailand?)
  • Centrally located – just off Phron Phong BTS stop
  • SUPER fresh beer

Bootleg Brothers is located on the 5th floor of EmQuartier Mall right out of exit 1 of Phrom Phong BTS station. The beer is poured literally feet away from where it is brewed, as is evidence by the fresh taste of the beer. The brothers are not very active on social media, and can actually be hard to find info, so the best way to get in touch is to come say “hi” at their location. The beer definitely makes it worth the visit.

The Bootleg Brothers brewery was built over the COVID-19 pandemic while everything was shut down in Bangkok. The brothers were at times in different countries, but eventually were able to come back together to start selling beer for the December 2022 World Cup.

More recently, the Thai Craft Brewers Association has launched the 2024 Brewpub Passport and Bootleg is one of the 13 participating Brewpubs. Probably one of the most easy brewpubs to be able to visit.

Getting to Bootleg Brothers Brewing:

Bootleg Brothers is located in the ‘Escape‘ food and drink area at the top (5th floor) of Emquartier Mall.

Take exit 1 out of Phrom Phong BTS (Skytrain) station, and walk into the mall’s closest door. Take the elevator to the 5th floor, walk outside, and turn right. You will see the Brother’s glass wall and door of the brewery.

Address: 689 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana. (Google Map)
– Located close to Hair of the Dog Phrom Phong.

The Brothers’ brewery can certainly be considered a “microbrewery” as it is only 28 square meters, has a 100,000 liter capacity, and the mashing is done by hand. This means that the brewers will be pulling work days from about 7am to midnight. The brewing plan is to do this twice a week, or at least every 10 days.

A pint of stout craft beer at Bootleg Brother's brewing in Bangkok
Manak of Bootleg Brothers Brewpub; brewed fresh in Bangkok Thailand. Located at the top of Escape in EmQuartier mall.
A pint of IPA craft beer in front of Bootleg Brother's brewing in Bangkok

“This place was awesome. It was difficult to figure out if they really existed because their social media accounts are not active at all. Even looking for them on the 5th floor, it took going straight up to the brewery and say “hi” that I knew I had found the right beer guys.

The exploration and endeavor was totally worth it. The ‘Brothers’ were great guys to talk about craft beer, and they brew up a great IPA. They keep the IPA a bit dry so that it is easy to drink on warm Bangkok nights. The beer is served in Imperial pints and is in fact sold a bit cheaper that the industrial lager sold further down the patio. “

Clif, Editor

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