Finger Heart Grand Opening

Finger Heart Bottle Shop celebrates the Grand Opening of their 2nd floor, and their 1st year anniversary. For those that are not aware, Finger Heart is located in the heart of the Silom business district, and has a variety of positive reviews on Google Maps highlighting the great selection and great prices.

On top of a well-stocked fridge, there are also up to five different beer taps that the staff are happy to discuss and recommend. The beers are generally sorted into different styles, (such as IPAs, Sours, or other styles) and then sorted by Brewery.

There are different prices if you buy the beer to take home, or if you are drinking in the shop and they will need to clean your beer glass. There are also a range of beers, going up to the more expensive unique beers.

Grand Opening beer events into 2024

  • Dec. 22 – bottle sharing day with Beervana
  • Dec. 23 – Beer Game Day
  • Dec. 24 – Beer Quiz Day
  • Dec. 25 to Jan. 1 – Free beer gift

As a nod to the festive season, and out of sheer kindness, Finger Heart Bottle shop is giving away servings of beer – pictured here with the Grand Opening flyer.

Finger Heart Bottle Shop in Bangkok Thailand recently opened upstairs

2nd Floor at Finger Heart

Originally, the bottle shop only had the first floor on the ground level. But now, there is more space for people to sit and hang out. There are plenty of seats and a projector to show sports, beer documentaries, and possibly beer-based movies.

More bottle shop info:

Bottles of beer in Bangkok to talk about the best craft beer bottle shops in Bangkok Thailand

Also in the area:

Outside of Mash in Bangkok in December.

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