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HAZE bkk – offering big local flavors

The electronic beer menu at Haze in Bangkok, Thailand. Majority show local craft beer.
Electronic tap wall menu at Haze.bkk

Cloudy IPA craft beer in a Haze branded goblet style glass on a wooden table next to stone walls in Bangkok, Thailand.

Features of Haze bar:

  • 12 taps + a beer fridge
  • Local beer focus + nationwide brand favorites
  • Live music + live sports
  • Located a couple doors down from a Michelin star noodle restaurant

Haze Bar, Bangkok brewed beer specialists

HAZE is a cool bar that has great space for doing live music, or for watching live sports broadcasts on a big screen. The bar serves food on its own, but it is worth making a note that is located just a couple of doors down from Ann Guay Tiew Kua Gai, a Michelin Guide listed fried noodle shop.

Getting to Haze craft beer bar

View of Haze bar from outside at night in Bangkok Thailand. Large open glass windows show bright neon lights inside the craft beer bar.

Haze is located in Bangkok’s Chinatown, and right in the middle that is not very close to a BTS or rail station.

It is a little bit of a walk from Wat Mangkon MRT station– 650meters, or 9 minutes walking distance according to Google Maps.

Address: 425 Luang Rd, Wat Thepsirin, Pom Prap Sattru Phai. (Google Map)

View of the beer fridge at Haze in Bangkok Thailand. many local craft beers.
Cloudy IPA craft beer in a goblet style glass on the stone counter at Haze bar  in Bangkok, Thailand.

More beer bars and food in Chinatown

Haze is located in Chinatown, so if using public transportation, Wat Mangkon MRT station is the closest stop, unless using bus or taxi.
Address: 425 Luang Rd, Wat Thepsirin, Pom Prap Sattru Phai. (Google Map)

In the area, there are also some other craft beer bars such as Rabbit Hill and Pijiu Craft Beer Bar if Haze gets too crowded, or if you’re looking to explore the area more.
Additionally, you can check out the map by Rabbit Hill for things to eat & drink in the area

Map of Chinatown in Bangkok by Rabbit Hill bar. Shows many restaurants and craft beer bars.

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