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Beer Days II – return to the Jam Factory

The second Beer Days, organized by ประชาชนเบียร์ (Prachonbeer) / ‘Beer people’ happened January 28 and 29, on the westside of the Chao Phraya river near ICONSIAM Mall.

Beer Days II

Food stalls included
Burgers, Thai noodles, Pizza, and more

Live Music on the stage close to the entrance with an open area for spectators.

Wide avenue headed towards the river, with beer stalls on one side to allow for lots of customers.

The event was laid out well and had a large number of brewers / breweries / beers present. The space was very large. As you walked into the area, the food vendors were immediately available on your left. The first big space to come across was the stage and sitting area. As you continued walking towards the river, the beer/brewery stalls stayed on your left side, all the way to just before the water. At the water’s edge was a large open area full of picnic tables and at the front was the Chit Beer tent, and a place for live music next to it. Between the river area and the stage was another avenue of stall tents – breweries on both sides, and picnic tables in between.

The whole atmosphere was of a fun party, and it was clear people were having a fun time from start to finish.

Craft beer fest location:

The Jam Factory. Facebook link / Google Map

Located on the westside of the Chao Phraya river, and a couple blocks north of Iconsiam Mall. The closest BTS (Skytrain) station is Krung Thon Buri, but from there you can take the special tram line up to Khlong San station.
Heads up: Iconsiam Mall gets pretty busy over the weekend, so taking a taxi or bus may not be the best option if there is the usual traffic, and there is no parking.

Beer Days craft beer fest by ประชาชนเบียร์ (Prachonbeer) / ‘Beer people’

Beer Days craft beer Fest at The Jam Factory in Bangkok September 2022.

The first Beer Days was held at the Jam Factory in September 2022. After such a successful event, a sequel was deemed necessary. A couple changes are planned to make the fest even better, including having the booths go all the way to the river, and making a wider walking path between the booths. More breweries, more food, and more liquor is in the plans, too.

As with any good beer fest, there will be live music to enjoy while enjoying a good beer buzz. The stage area is covered by with a natural ceiling of tree branches and strings of light bulbs.

“The first beer days was a super fun event, and there was a lot of craft beer to try. Pictures only show a few breweries in attendance. Although there was plenty of good beer, for me, one of the big stand-outs was Samata brewery. There was something so fresh and so juicy coming through in the beer.

Additionally, it was fun to get to meet the outlaw brewer-turned Minister of Thai Parliament, Tao. He now has his own bar reopened on the westside of the city near King Taksin Monument, Taopiphop Bar Project.”

Clif, Editor

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