Craft beer bars

CRAFT (Soi 23) offering the greatest number of beers on draft.

Craft 23 tap wall offering 40 draft beers in Bangkok Thailand
40 taps of draft beer at Craft.


  • 40 taps available
  • Wide variety of food and drink on option
  • Open air patio seating
  • Connected to a cocktail and cigar bar
  • Near Soi Cowboy

Craft (also called “Craft 23”) bar is an open air bar in central Bangkok that offers an incredible number of beers on tap: 40 taps of draft beer available. The bar makes a good choice for groups and families as there is a wide range of food and drinks available.

The Craft menu is is pretty long, as it starts with a few pages of the food and snacks available. Local beer is next, and followed by larger and international brands. There is also a Jaegermeister and a Fireball Machine close to the bar.

Connected to the building Craft is and kitchen is WHISGARS, a cocktail and cigar bar located towards the back of the bar on the way to the bathroom. Craft’s seating area acts as an ideal place for those looking to enjoy smoking a cigar outside and drinking a beer to accompany it.

On a visit in mid December, Craft had a variety of customers enjoying the cool Bangkok evening weather. There were families with kids at large tables, and closer to the bar were low tables and chairs for a number of men that were enjoying their cigars.

Craft 23 was also the chosen location in October for a tap takeover by Heart of Darkness the night before a craft beer conference in Bangkok.

A “tap takeover” is an event in which the beer taps of a bar are taken over by a single brewery as a one night event.

Heart of Darkness is a large and popular craft brewery out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The brewery has enough different beer labels that it was able to take over all 40 taps.

For the tourists and travelers that might be interested, Craft 23 is only a few blocks from the infamous Soi Cowboy. This is a short street full of bars offering live music and more adult-theme entertainment. Soi Cowboy is one of the more well-known foreigner-friendly areas of Bangkok and makes for an interesting destination for doing some great people-watching, many bars also offer some great live music.

Getting to CRAFT on Soi 23:

Closest public transportation is Asoke BTS (Skytrain) station, exit 3. Walk over intersection, and take a left just after passing the Shell Station. Walk up the street, Soi 23, and Craft bar will be on the right.

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