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Craft beer slowly decriminalized in Thailand

Thailand is making it more legal to produce and sell locally produced craft beer, to a degree. As interest in craft beer and companies that provide it continue to increase, the government has given a little more room for companies to grow, but not without restrictions. Unfortunately, many small brewers must continue to produce their beer outside the country to remain legal.

Some local brewers must import their product

As small breweries are still heavily restricted by current regulations, it means many of the brewers of Thailand must make their way across the border to brew and package. Common destinations include Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore. On one hand, this offers a great opportunity to collaborate with brewers in different places; but brewing abroad means the beer will have to be imported home.

Once brewed and packed, Thai brewers that produced beer outside the country must then import the beer, and pay all the import taxes that follow. This is certainly one of the reasons why local craft beer has a hard time competing in price with the bigger industrial breweries that can brew and package inside Thailand.

While the changes in the law are generally seen as positive for the local industry, there is concern that the changes are small and will not make a huge difference, as reported in this article from Thai PBS. Even if the changes are small, it makes home brewing beer more legal, as well as allows for more brewpubs. The option of being a brewpub has become an alternative that can also benefit the local tourism industry.

Brewpubs an option for tourists returning to Bangkok

As travel begins to open up more, and tourists make their way back to Thailand, and Bangkok specifically, there are even more brewpubs for visitors and locals alike to enjoy the local beer industry. Thailand is home to great-tasting local dishes, and can now offer great-tasting locally-made brews. Brewpubs make an ideal destination to visit as they are known for having large open spaces to bring a group, and are often staffed by people that love their beer and will be happy to talk about it.

Brewpubs in Bangkok are like other high quality drinking spots, as there is often a range of choice for:

  • A unique destination and experience.
  • Live music on the weekends.
  • Live sports for major events.
  • Food available on hand, or by delivery.
  • Some offer classes on brewing beer.

As brewpubs often need a bit more space, they are not usually located in a central area. If interested in visiting a brewpub, be sure to check the location to plan for getting there and back.

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