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Rabbit Hill’s Chinatown map to eat and drink

January 31st, 2023 Rabbit Hill bar posted a map of the Chinatown area that surrounds the bar. It gives some great suggestions as far as drinks and food go, so to facilitate good eating and drinking in the area, it is translated, edited, and re-posted here:

Eat & Drink / Drink & Eat (Link)

Wine Do I Still? – bored with craft beer? go try their wine’s selection!!

JAO.UN – 早安 – Great cocktails!!!

HOR FUN – Hong Kong Style rice noodle roll Specialists!!!

Fat Cow Yaowarat -MUST TRY BURGERS!!

HAZE bkk – tons of craft beer on tap
Bangkok Beer Guide listing

Patonggo Savoey Yaowarat
— ซื้อปาท่องโก๋ มานั่งทานในร้าน แรบบิทฮิลล์ได้นะ (their snack is allowed in our bar) They were awarded a MICHELIN BIB GOURMET!!

Rabbit Hill's map of Chinatown eats and drinks

Rebel Art Space Chinatown & The Bangkok Heritage contemporary art gallery

and the best old town hidden gem:
ร้านข้าวแกงเจ็กปุ้ย – เจ้เฉี๋ย JEK PUI CURRY ** A MUST TRY**

I’m Chinatown – Best lifestyle mall and most secured parking in CHINATOWN Bangkok City

Orientation, and adding more beer to the Chinatown map

In the center of the map is Rabbit Hill bar, just north of Wat Mang Kon MRT station Exit 1. Although Rabbit Hill is not a very large bar, there is a lot of character, and has a nice selection of craft beer on offer, including Moonzen Brewery from Hong Kong.
Rabbit Hill Beer Guide Listing.

Just above Rabbit Hill on the map is Fat Cow Yaowarat. Fat Cow is a Bangkok a burger restaurant with 3 location in Bangkok. They serve burgers and more, and more particular to this beer guide, they also serve plenty of local craft beer.
Fat Cow (Lat Phrao) Beer Guide Listing.

At the top of the map is HAZE bkk (Beer Guide Listing). Haze is a larger craft beer bar, and has a solid selection as well. Features locally brewed beer by Baan Bangkok and Haze itself.
– West/left of HAZE is Ann Guay Tiew Kua Gai, a Michelin Guide listed fried noodle shop.
– East/right of HAZE is Nong Stamp, a Thai Chinese stir fry shop.

Outside the bounds of this map are a couple places that are worth pointing out for beer lovers, Pijiu Craft Beer Bar, and Tai Soon Bar.

Pijiu Craft Beer BarBeer guide listing – is located just off the map, down to the right of the July 22 Roundabout. Its not a big bar, but it is an older traditional wooden interior bar with lots of local craft beer, and sets out a couple tables on the wide sidewalk.

Tai Soon Craft Beer BarBeer guide listing – is located a good ways off the top left of the map. It is a good walk past HAZE bkk, and near Well Bottle Shop, and across the street from Jay Fai’s famous Michelin Guide listed street food shop.

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