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The Brewing Project was established in 2017 and has since produced a number of beers that have won a range of international beer awards.

It is known for artsy graphics on tall cans of quality craft beer, and increasingly being produced in Thailand.

Brewing Project beers can be found in many bars, and venues around Bangkok, and is often available in a variety of festivals as well.

Recently, it was announced they will be on offer at Lotus (large chain of grocery stores) throughout Thailand.

Brewing Project beer in a can poured in a glass, available throughout Bangkok and Thailand, Thongpradit IPA

Curious about the art and the designer on the Brewing Project cans?

The Brewing Project regularly comes out with new beers, and all of them with great designs by Benz Blues, and for more information check here: “BENXBLUES work on craft beer cans.”

Beer Awards to the Brewing Project:

2023 Australian Intl. Beer Awards to the Brewing Project:

Silver medals:
Crispy Boy Helles Lager – 2A Munich Style Helles
Wila Weizen – 16C German Style Hefeweizen
Raven India Pale Ale – 10B American Style India Pale Ale

Bronze medal:
Whale Pale Ale – 8B American Style Pale Ale

The Brewing Project of Thailand, and their awards in Australia

International Beer Cup 2022:

  • Bronze Medal for Crispy Boy Helles Lager

Asia Beer Championships 2022:

  • Gold in American IPA for Raven IPA
  • Silver in NewEngland/Hazy for NEIPA in collaboration with Samata Brewing
  • Chairman’s Selection for Weissbeer for Wila Weizen
  • Overall Country Champions for Thailand

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