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Changwon Express – Korean fried chicken and craft beer


  • 9 taps + a beer fridge
  • Korean Fried Chicken

Changwon Express is a combination craft beer bar and Korean fried Chicken restaurant. Hailing from Changwon in South Korea, the owner Ted (pictured) is serving up a variety of common and popular food dishes to pair with a variety of craft beer on tap and in the fridge.

For beer lovers that are from South Korea, or who have spent time on the peninsula, will recognize the Chi-Mek logo that indicates a chicken and beer location. More Korean dishes are on offer, including dumplings, ramen noodles, and the mandatory kimchi.

Owner of Changwon Express serving a pint of craft beer.

Address: 37 Asoke-Dindaeng Rd., Makasan, Ratchathewi. (Google Maps)

Outside entrance to Changwon Express in Bangkok, Thailand. Korean Fried Chicken and craft beer

Getting to Changwon Express:

The bar is north of the Asok and Sukhumvit area.

Using public transportation, go to MTR
station exit 3. The wall of the restaurant is the first thing you see as you walk out of the station’s exit. Follow the wall around the corner, and into the shop.

For Craft Beer Lovers

Beer-loving customers will enjoy many aspects of Changwon Express, especially the variety of taps available, and they are a rotating selection. Additionally, the décor of the bathroom is super-enhanced with the display of beer labels placed everywhere possible.

For those interested in food pairing beer and fried chicken, it is generally understood that a hoppy IPA can boost the spice profile. You can also choose a more mellow German-style hefeweizen to bring down the heat, or an easy-drinking cold lager can also help with a hot dish.

Can of Singapore craft beer served in a branded glass at Changwon Express in Bangkok Thailand

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