De Ploy Brewery of Channimit fame

De Ploy brewery logo, home to the award-winning Channimit Cider

De Ploy Brewery was founded in 2017, and is best known for it’s Channimit Cider, which is produced in Chanthaburi province.

Channimit Cider on tap!

Channimit cider also has a hot pink cider is available around Bangkok, including on tap at 39 Craft Coffee where this picture was taken.

Glass of Channimit Cider by De Ploy Brewery in Thailand. Picture taken at 39 Craft Coffee in Bangkok Thailand.

Translated from Facebook: (slightly edited)

Channimit Cider

Thai Cider
Made in Thailand
By Thai people

Cider is a beverage that is gaining popularity. Its popularity is increasing in North America, Europe, especially England, and in Japan. You can drink it like beer. Its fresh, sweet taste has a fizzy, bright yellow color similar to beer, so it’s not surprising. To be mistaken for a type of beer

Cider, which is made in the same way as beer. Only the ingredients used are different. Beer is made from malt and hops, while cider is made from wild apples or fruit trees fermented with yeast.

Beer is not surprising. will be misunderstood

that it is a type of beer

Medium-sized community liquor production house De Ploy

De Ploy Co., Ltd was founded in 2017 from a small community liquor production plant with standard production. Legally located in Chanthaburi Province. Produced by Chanthaburi people with the hope of providing quality production that meets the standards for consumers and is also an alternative drink. Experience new flavors as there is a variety to try.

Silver Medal Asia Beer Championship 2022
– De Ploy Brewery

Info sheet by De Ploy Brewery in Thailand.

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