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Taopiphop Bar Project on the westside


  • Six taps with a heavy emphasis on local Thai craft beer
  • Relaxed atmosphere and TV for sports
  • Located near King Taksin Monument roundabout

Taopiphop Bar Project is west of the Chao Phraya river. The bar has a laid back feeling, has a bright blue neon sign of the name/logo, and also serves as the political office of the bar’s namesake.

There are six taps available, and a variety of beers on offer in the beer fridge, with a strong emphasis on local craft beer and spirits.

The bar is named for its owner, Taopiphop Limkittrakorn, a member of the Thai parliament. The customers base is a strong local crowd, as it is in a busy neighborhood that includes businesses, schools, and everyday shops. It also has a number of Progressive Party shirts and products on offer.

Additionally, the shop is also used as a community coordination center. During the day when the beers are not served, it has been used as a clinic to give free health checks to the local community.

Craft beer hero

The politician, Taopiphop (shown in poster) is a bit of a local craft beer hero among those that follow beer politics in Thailand. He was arrested for making home-brewing (making beer at home) and then became an MP to help change the rather old-fashioned alcohol laws. He helped do that as a member of the Move Forward Party. This also explains the political posters on the outside of the bar.

Glass of beer from Taopiphop Craft Beer Bar in Bangkok, connected to the politician  Taopiphop Limkittrakorn.

Address: 139 Charoen Rat Rd, Khwaeng Khlong San, Khlong San. (Google Map)

Taopiphop Craft Beer Bar in Bangkok, connected to the politician  Taopiphop Limkittrakorn.

How to get to Taopiphop’s craft beer bar:

The bar is almost directly north of Wongwian Yai BTS (Skytrain) station. Exit 3 should get you out close to Soi Krung Thonburi 1 which leads up towards the bar.

The night we visited the bar was after trying out a few fancy cocktails. Going from a rather upscale cocktail bar to Taopiphop Bar Project was like a breath of fresh air. It was like getting home and being able to take off my jacket and tie. The bartender and I recognized each other from hanging out at Save Our Souls. He was very kind and even gave some sample tastes of the bottles of Sato – a local Thai rice wine.

The man himself, the MP, was not there, unfortunately; but we were able to try Dangle, his black IPA. I’m not always a big fan of the style, but this one was good. It was the only one of his beers that was on offer at the time.

Clif, Editor

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