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Haze ?? Anniversary, July 2023

A craft beer bar open since 2020…. kinda

How do you count the number of years that a bar has been open, especially if it has been shut down here and there because of COVID and all? Well, Haze craft beer bar decided that counting the years is much less important than celebrating their anniversary. So on a rainy Saturday evening Haze Bar brought in some live music and a whole bunch of special beers from Samata, Baan Bangkok, Brainfill, Yolo, Puma, and Haze brewing themselves to have a party.

Special beers by:

  • Brainfill Brewing
  • Baan Bangkok
  • Yolo + Brainfill
  • Haze Brewing
  • Puma Brewing
  • Slushy beer by Samata

There were a whole bunch of big juicy NEIPAs, a Double IPA, and at least one or two of them had enough hops to get the mouth to tingle.

Haze craft beer bar menu for their anniversary party in Bangkok, July 2023.
beer glass of IPA at Haze craft beer bar  in July 2023

Craft Beer at Haze Anniversary

Juicy NEIPA served in HAZE beer goblets.

Samata Slushy – peach flavored slushy served with a straw. Made for a delightful and refreshing start, or end to the night. Your choice.

Samata slushy beer at Haze craft beer bar in Bangkok for their anniversary party in July 2023
Haze craft beer bar crowd in Bangkok for their anniversary party in July 2023

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