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International day for the stout-hearted

A stout is a wonderful thing all its own, and there are a wide variety of types of stouts. Though often much heavier in body, and more than many drinkers are looking for, a pint of the black stuff can offer some great flavours and a richness of depth that other beers cannot. Highly recommended to give it a try, even if sharing so you don’t have to drink a whole pint of your own.

Local Thai-brewed stouts

Local Thai craft breweries have been making a variety of stouts to sip on while contemplating life’s great mysteries.

  • United People’s – Orange stout
  • DuckyFly – DuckPutin (Raspberry)
  • Decsnob – Luscious Dark

Guinness, THE Irish stout*

Of course, there are some people that believe you have to talk about the ubiquitous Guinness when you talk about stout. It has earned its place for one of the very most well-recognized beers across the world.

Bangkok has a number of places for the world-famous pint of black, and we even put up a post about which bars in Bangkok sell the most Guinness – page here.

*We recognize, and enjoy, a variety of other Irish stouts that are out there as well.

A pint of Guinness served at Scruffy Murphys in Bangkok Thailand

Stouts at Bars and Bottleshops in Bangkok

There are a variety of bars and bottleshops in Bangkok that are worth hitting up, including Finger Heart, and should carry at least one stout, but it should be pointed out that Hair of the Dog (Phrom Phong) might be one of the best places in the city to have a stout. This is because they have their very own refrigerator to serve stouts, as they need to be just a little bit warmer than other beers.

Other stouts to look out for in Bangkok:

Imperial Pastry stout

Dry Coffee Stout

Dry coffee stout - Sey Even More by Evil twin brewing. 
Hand holding a tall boy can of beer used for the Bangkok Beer Guide

Mocha stout

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