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Brewski – Craft Beer at the 30th floor

Features of Brewski:

  • One of the highest bars in Bangkok
  • 12 taps of draft beer (when fully stocked)
  • Full bar + food menu

Brewski is 30 floors above the city, and offers some great views to take selfies while drinking some cold craft beer. It is located at the top of the Radisson Blu in central Bangkok.

Brewski is billed as a craft beer bar, but they make sure to promote their cocktails and a range of food on offer. For folk that are not as interested in beer, there are plenty of other options.

Beer and Food options at Brewski

The food menu for food is varied, you can get local Thai dishes, and international pub grub standards like nachos, and burgers. For being a “craft beer bar,” the beer options may come across as overly simple, and the majority of options are imported. Of the 12 taps, less than half are from Thailand, and there are no bottles or cans beyond the mass produced lagers from the largest of companies. For those interested, the bar usually has a Brewing Project beer on tap, and multiple by Full Moon Brewworks.

Getting to Brewski Rooftop bar

The bar is at the top of the Radisson Blu in central Bangkok, west of the Sukhumvit area.

Using public transportation, go to Asok BTS (skytrain) station. Take exit 3 and walk down the main road to get to the Radisson Blu on the left. Inside the hotel, take the elevator to the 30th floor.

Address: Radisson Blu Plaza 489 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea, Khlong Toei. (Google Maps)

Points of Interest

Brewski does not open until 5 pm. However, if you are a little early, there is a nice café on the ground floor of the Radisson to hang out in. It doesn’t have the same beer options as they have on the roof but is a nicer alternative to waiting outside on the street.

And even the men’s restroom has a nice view of the city… As seen in this picture.

Other bars in the area include:

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