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Beer Market + Chang Chui = great event!

Beer Market 2 by ประชาชนเบียร์ (Beer People) at Chang Chui Creative Park in Bangkok.  Large airplane above the brewery tents and beer drinking crowd in Thailand's capital.

Beer Market 2 by ประชาชนเบียร์ (Prachonbeer) / ‘Beer people’

Chang Chui creative market was a little further out of central Bangkok than the first Beer Market, but the setting was altogether pretty dang cool. The massive fuselage of an airplane sitting above the brewery tents and the beer drinking crowd of the event made for a great backdrop. Additionally, the large art pieces set around the park were cool, and there were clean toilets.

Entrance to Beer Market 2 at Chang Chui Creative Park in Bangkok, Thailand. 
Organized by ประชาชนเบียร์ (Beer People).

To make travel there easier, there was a driver service from a local MRT station, as was announced by the organizer/s of the Beer Market, ประชาชนเบียร์ (Prachonbeer) / ‘Beer people’. Once through the gate (free entry), there were a couple restaurants to pass before getting to the open area where the beer tents were.

There were a great number of breweries available from all over Thailand, including the easily found Chiang Mai Beer and Wizard, but also Blu’s Brewery from Isaan (I think…).

The Beer Market was all smiles and had a ton of great beer to try. On top of the local Thai craft beers to try, the event also had a variety of Thai alcohols such as Sato, and other cocktails available. As it was an open air event, there were DJs playing right behind the beer tents, and a tent of local live musicians. There was a great variety of food tents and event restaurants in the Chang Chui creative park. There is no way someone could have eaten all the food, and drank all the drink at the event in one day…. luckily there were two days!

Local Bangkok Breweries were also in attendance, of course. Some of the beers that were had (and remembered to take pictures of) include Elephants in the Pool Brewing, 96 Brewing, Call Me Papa, and Repentless Brewing.

Editor’s Note: Repentless’ Cocount Mango sour IPA was a personal highlight. While there were just a ton of great beers, and some really great IPAs, the sour beer really stood out.

It also helped that a sweet piece of coconut was served atop the beer with. The combo sour beer with the sweet cocnut piece was sublime (awesome)!

Repentless Brewery beer served at Beer Market 2 at Chang Chui Creative Park in Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by ประชาชนเบียร์ (Beer People)

Live Music at the Beer Market

What’s a beer event without live music? There were a number of bands, including Cvptain Morgans. They were really rocking it our Saturday night, so much so it looked like the drummer was going to break the cymbals.

Cvptain Morgans rock n roll on stage at Beer Market 2 at Chang Chui Creative Park in Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by ประชาชนเบียร์ (Beer People).

Upcoming beer events in Bangkok:

Thai Craft Beer Week

Oct. 20 – 28, 2023; Celebrate the great Thai craft beer and the places that serve the delicious liquid.

Beer People Fest 2024

Mar. 2 – 3, 2024; The organizers of the Beer Market and Beer Days events, ประชาชนเบียร์ (Prachonbeer) / ‘Beer people’ have recently announced the date for their BIG. BEER. FEST. for next year. Mark your calendars!

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