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Craft beer event and fest in Sukhumvit

A free-flow beer event in central Bangkok

  • Sat. Nov. 4th
  • 19:00-23:00 / 7-9pm
  • Holiday Inn Sukhumvit (map)

The Holiday Inn (Sukhumvit) is located in a very central area of Bangkok and is easy to get to using the BTS (skytrain). Additionally, it is home to the only taproom* in Thailand for Burbrit Brewery.
*a ‘taproom’ is a bar where the taps are all dedicated to one brewery.

Craft Fest Sukhumvit poster for Bangkok Thailand 
Includes Burbrit from Myanmar, Chit Beer from Bangkok, and Wizard Brewing

Breweries at the Craft Fest

Burbrit Brewery comes from Myanmar, and is a recent addition to the Craft Beer scene in Bangkok. They are located in the Holiday Inn building where the event will be taking place.

Chit Beer – a Bangkok local brewery

Chit Beer is based out of Koh Kret, a small island northwest of central Bangkok. They have also recently opened an additional taproom, called Chit Hole, located on the river at the Royal River Hotel.

Wizard Brewery out of Pattaya

Wizard brewery hails from from Pattaya, Thailand, has their brewery and restaurant there, and has their beer all across Thailand, especially in large cans with some wild labels in the wizard-theme.

Other bars in the area

  • Brewski – 30th floor rooftop bar that offers some local Thai craft beer, and plenty of imported craft beer
  • Hair of the Dog (Phrom Phong) – unique atmosphere with a range of bottles, cans. and some draft. Mostly imported.
  • Bootleg Brothers – most central, and highest Bangkok brewery.
  • Craft 23 – most taps in the city: 40; offering local and imported craft beer.

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