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CallMePapa has a beer destination

For the curious craft beer drinker looking around Bangkok, the CallMePapa Milkshake IPA has a distinct look, and a tasty brew inside. The logo is of an upside-down hop cone resembling a beard below a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap worn backwards. Further investigation is needed to determine is it is to resemble a discerning hipster, a craft beer loving biker, or a delightful combination of the two.

The brewery behind the eye-catching can of delicious beer was only established this year in 2022, but without a place to serve customers directly. Options to find CallMePapa’s product were limited to bottle shops, other venues, and the occasional beer festival. HOwever, let the craft beer lovers rejoice as:

CallMePapa now has a destination to experience their beer!
As of the grand opening on Monday, December 12, CallMePapa now has a physical location to visit in the north part of the city. Visitors can expect to enjoy:

  • Beer by CallMePapa
  • Thai and European dishes by WeLoveWine
  • Japanese food by Insho Japanese Restaurant
  • A place to park their car, or to park a taxi if the driver is interested in trying the beer and food.

Location: The brewhouse (map link) is about a 20-30 minute drive north of central Bangkok, and just over the border between Nonthaburi and Bangkok proper. It is not as far as Don Mueang Airport, but on the way.
If using public transport, it may take a while as travel will be on the BTS (skytrain) Sukhumvit main line, and then to use a bus the rest of the way.

More details according to the Facebook post (linked here).

Image and information from CallMePapa’s Facebook page.

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