Thai Beer League

Sportswear to promote Thai Beer

Well-designed +
Well-made =
Widely worn

To include:

  • Athletic wear
  • Large sizes
  • Women’s cut

For tourists

Thai generic beer shirts +

Beer shirts that tourists can take home, can be sold in any bar, and can include athletic wear & cups, koozies, etc.

  • Singlets for the foreigners wanting generic beer shirts/shorts
  • Patches for punks and those that like to sew patches on things
Example of a singlet.

For locals/residents

Branded professional merchandise

For fans of local breweries, let’s offer branded merchandise that is worth wearing, and in a style that doesn’t scream “made in paint, at the closest t-shirt shop.”

  • Samata baseball shirts
  • United People’s Soccer jerseys
  • Chit Beer rugby shirts
(rough) Example of a baseball shirt, TBL logo on the sleeve, or perhaps on the breast instead of Mizuno logo.
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