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Chit Hole – Asiatique

Chit Beer continues opening a variety of branches throughout Bangkok and Thailand in general. Next up: Chit Hole in the popular tourist spot of Asiatique. This will be the 4th Chit Beer location in Bangkok, and 7th Chit Beer location in Thailand (so far!).

Chit Beer opening craft beer locations throughout Thailand

  1. Chit Beer – on Koh Kret (BKK)
  2. Chit Hole Royal River Hotel (BKK)
  3. Chit Hole Chiangmai
  4. Chit Hole Muangthong
  5. Chit Hole Phuket
  6. Chit Hole Sukhumvit 71 (BKK)
  7. Chit Hole Asiatique (BKK)

(pictured: the man behind Chit Beer brewing)

Chit Hole Asiatique Grand Opening & Mini Concert

Save the date 14 June – the newest branch, Chit Hole Asiatique by Nakorn, will open near the Chao Phraya river. At Asiatique’s Warehouse #8 in front of the shop: Sail To The Moon. Enjoy 12 Taps of original Thai Craft beer Craft fresh, and in cans from all over the world.

June 14. 5pm

Translated & Edited from Chit Hole Facebook Video
  • Friday June 14
  • At Asiatique’s Warehouse #8 (map)
  • 12 Taps of original Thai Craft beer
  • More cans and bottles from all over the world

Chit 90 mini concert
Meet Cha and Insilapin, the mothers of the 90s.
Marsha Watthanapanich and In Budokan

Let’s connect our minds back to our youth with popular songs from our era.
Meet the first day of the legendary craft beer phenomenon Chit Hole at Nakorn Shop…along the Chao Phraya River @Sail to the moon Asiatique. Ticket price 500 baht, free 1 glass of craft beer…book a table quickly. ….at..0828872251 ,

Chit Hole Facebook past (translated)

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