Samata Brewery

Samata Brewery has been making some really great hazy and juicy beers, winning two silver medals at the Asia Beer Championships.

Their beers can be found in many places, but they are not always available, especially their specialty beers like the Raspberry Cheesecake.

Additionally, they have been doing a number of events that they turn their beers into slushies!

Samata beer slushy served at O'glee craft beer bar in Bangkok Thailand

More Samata Events/info:

Behind the Label with… Samata” by Critical Drinking substack

Asia Beer Championships 2022:

  • Silver in NewEngland/Hazy for NEIPA in collaboration with Samata Brewing
  • Silver in Experimental beer for Raspberry Cheesecake

Editor’s Note: This is one of my favorites breweries in Thailand (much like Baan). The Hazy New England IPAs are a great example of what a hoppy + juicy beer should be. It is often one of the first beers I will grab at a bottle shop, although the beers are often at 6% or above so a lower would be better to start with.

My first taste of Samata was at a beer fest at the Jam Factory, and from the first gulp, was impressed at the quality and flavor. Pic of the man behind the brewery.

Editor, Clif (not pictured)

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