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Far Yeast Brewing to Launch at Chit Hole

  • Friday July 21, 2023
  • 5pm to close
  • Chit Hole at Royal River Hotel

First Launch Party in Thailand

Far Yeast Brewing Company is being brought in from Japan by Beervana, and collaborating with local Thai Brewery favorites:
The Brewing Project and Samata.

Launch Party Location:

The official launch is happening on the river at Chit Hole, (a 2nd location of Chit Beer) at The Royal River Hotel.

Far Yeast Brewing & Off Trail & Kagua & The Brewing Project & Samata

The Brewing Project and Samata, and both local Thai craft breweries with their beers and can available in a variety of places.

Far Yeast Brewing hails from Japan, and brews their main beers in Kosuge village, 85 kilometers west of Tokyo, Japan.

Kagua is a project of Far Yeast Brewing that aims to use rare Japanese herbs to make beers that are fragrant and complex.

Off Trail, another project of Far Yeast, aims to create beers through the use of microorganisms other than the common brewing yeasts, and then barrel aging the results.

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