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DOGFEST 2024 – an annual unique craft beer event in central Bangkok

DOGFEST was held May 18th at the Hair of the Dog (Phrom Phong location). The iconic craft beer bar put over 30 beers on tap, and spread the beer across four floors. The beer available ranged from IPAs, double IPAs, sours, porters, smoothies, and even some aged imperial stouts. Many beers also had their first release in Bangkok at the event.

Some of the craft beer highlights on offer (and tried):

Small goblet of beer in DOGFEST branded glass at Hair of the Dog craft beer bar in Bangkok Thailand.
  • Samata – Rugus Red, sour
  • Vocation – Border Hopping, pale ale
  • Hopping Frog – smashing honey, blond ale
  • Duchess de Bourgogne, Flanders red ale
  • Heretic & Bottle Logic – Focal Ratio, Barrel Aged imperial stout
  • Weldwerks – Loud Juice, Double New England IPA
  • Revolution – Peanut Butter, Eugene porter
  • Amunsen – Raspberry Jam, fruited sour
  • Weldwerks – Juicy Bits, Hazy IPA
  • Heretic – Mexican Barrel Aged, imperial stout
  • Funky Fluid – Triple Bakewell Gelato, pastry sour
  • Deeds – You’re Welcome, New England IPA
  • Hair of the Dog and Samata – Banana Republic Zythos, smoothie
  • Hoppin Frog – BORIS, imperial stout
  • Behemoth – In a Leaky Oat, oat IPA
  • Prairie – Maple Bourbon Barrel Paradise, imperial stout

A big thanks to the great staff that made a great event

A big thanks to the staff that made the event even better. They were superstars, and it was always worth asking which beers they recommended.

Small goblets of beer on the counter in DOGFEST branded glasses at Hair of the Dog craft beer bar in Bangkok Thailand.

Making the most of one of the biggest craft beer events at a single bar:

  • Get your wristband
  • Get a pen to mark the beers that were tried
  • Ask for half pours, no need to be a hero
  • Follow the advice of the barman to go ahead and get a sandwich to be able to “last longer” later

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