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Collaboration Series 1st Taste

Brewing Project + Legends of Thai craft brewing

Thurs. Aug. 3, 2023

Location: Daddy G’s Smoke and Brew (Google Map)

The Brewing Project +

  • Yaksa Brewing = Session IPA
  • Triple Pearl = Sammuk Belgian Tripel
  • Wizard = Montra DDH Hazy IPA
  • Far Yeast + Samata = Yuzu Sour Ale

More info on the collaboration series (courtesy of The Brewing Project’s Facebook page):

Yaksa Session IPA

The Brewing Project & YAKSA Brewery
“We reached out to the Yaksa team to bring back their brew, for a new generation of drinkers.”

Awakening the giant is the concept of our label design, portrayed with an image of a man wearing a Yaksa mask and a body full of scars, symbolizing the experiences of the past.

We eagerly await the return of Yaksa Brewery as the giant is rising again!

Montra DDH Hazy IPA

The Brewing Project & Wizard Brewery
For this brew they have taken it to the next level with a Double Dry Hopped Hazy IPA, dosed with massive charges of dank hops.

For this collaborative brew we wanted the label to embody the essence of a Wizard, inspired by design elements from The Brewing Project. A blend of Thai-style sorcery and elements of Western wizardry come together with traditional Thai tattoos recast in ancient Runic script.

Sammuk Belgian Tripel

The Brewing Project & Triple Pearl
“We’ve wanted to collaborate with our friends at Triple Pearl for a long time. For this brew we chose to ignore the mainstream trends by brewing a Belgian Tripel, an old-world beer that is currently hard to find in Thailand.”

The name Triple Pearl or ‘Sam Muk’ in Thai, is inspired by a legend from Chonburi Province

The story is of a tragic love affair between a man and a woman of different social backgrounds, who were separated by their families. This caused the heart broken young woman ‘Muk’ to leap from a cliff to her demise. When her lover ‘Saen’ learned of the tragedy he also jumped off the cliff to his death. The villagers then named the cliff ‘Sam Muk’ and the beach below it ‘Bang Saen.’ They also built the shrine of ‘Mae Sam Muk’ to pay tribute to the couple.

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