Oultaw brewing, born outside the law

Outlaw Brewing logo, brewery Thailand

Originally created by Canadian Mike Roberts, and brewed outside the law in Loei – a northern Thai city. Outlaw Brewing has since won a variety of international awards, and has become a standard can of craft beer widely available in Bangkok, and even in 7-Eleven stores at the airport.

Outlaw Hard Cider at Shake Shack

Announced in November ’23, Outlaw’s gold medal winning Hard Core Passion Cider is served at Shake Shack.

Outlaw Brewing cider on tap at Shake Shack in Bangkok Thailand; next to the Brooklyn Brewery Shackmeister Beer taps

Asia Beer Championships 2022:

  • Silver in American Style IPA for Mosaic IPA
  • Chairman’s Selection in stout for Dark Horse Stout

History of Outlaw

Outlaw was started in 2015 in northern Thailand, where the beer was brewed and served behind an ice cream shop. The brewery was able to open a Brewpub in the city of Loei, but unfortunately, COVID forced the closure of the brewpub. Outlaw moved to contract production in Cambodia due to the difficult laws about producing Thai beer within the country.

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