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1st step beer event by Craft Beer Association

  • Happened December 1-3, 2023
  • The ONE Ratchada, near Thailand Cultural Center MRT station.

22 second Tour of the craft beer event

A time-lapse video of the craft beer vendors at the event on Sunday night.

Craft Beer Association of Thailand*

The booth selling the Brewpub passport, as well as cool pint glasses and various “beer-gear.”

*Officially known as the Craft Beer Entrepreneurs’ Association

Brewpub Passport image by Craft Beer Association of Thailand

Craft Beer Association stall to get the Brewpub passport
Monkey Samui Beer at the craft beer association event in Bangkok

Monkey Samui Beer

A brewery based out of Koh Samui, and selling a variety of beers.

This was the first time coming across the beer in Bangkok, so was nice to see more Thai beers being made available.

– Clif, Editor

Underdog Microbrewery

Underdog is one of the brewpubs here in Bangkok, and they brought out a tap wall to be able to show off a variety of beers and ciders that they have made.

Underdog Microbrewery serving their cherry cider at the Craft Beer Association of Thailand event
96 Brewing at the Craft Beer Association beer event in Bangkok

96 Brewing

Another local brewery showing off smiles and good beer.

96 Brewing also got a mention from Critical Drinking when talking about Beer People’s first Beer Market.

Also hangin out with 96 Brewing were a few new folk, Rinn Brewing.

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